Week #1

I don’t do pictures of my food unless for some bizarre reason it actually turns out looking beautiful. In general my food is tasty but leaves a bit to be desired in the visual department. I like to plan out recipes for the week. It makes shopping easier, especially now since our nearest Kroger is 20 minutes away (yes, there’s a Harris Teeter, a Lowes’ Foods, and a Food Lion within walking distance but it’s the little things that make it feel more like home).

Recipes from week #1

Tomato Basil Pasta (recipe from http://www.ohsweetbasil.com/20-minute-cherry-tomato-basil-angel-hair-pasta-recipe.html) Basically as simple as it sounds. A little garlic, some cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil and your favorite pasta. In my opinion, it lacked some flavor. I added some spicy McCormick’s seasoning post cooking and I thought I brought a nice kick to the pasta. The husband wasn’t thrilled that it was vegetarian so he added some spicy chicken breast. Overall, I’d make it again with a few additions.

Foil Packet Paella (original recipe from Food Network magazine but copied from http://www.bigoven.com/recipe/foil-packet-paella/287108) If you’ve ever had paella at one of the trendy tapas restaurants you may be used to overcooked rice and soggy shrimp. While this recipe is quick and does take advantage of some packaged ingredients – spanish rice mix, I find that the resulting product tastes much more fresh and lacks the wilty quality associated with cooking it slowly for several hours. I’m sure you could add whatever your favorite meat and seafood products are but I like the combination of chicken thighs, chorizo, and shrimp.

For a super light meal this shrimp avocado salad is the perfect go-to (recipe from http://addapinch.com/cooking/shrimp-avocado-salad-recipe/). We served it with some garlic Italian bread slices. Delicious. It really doesn’t store well so make sure you only make enough for the one meal. It is surprisingly filling though when it hit our plates neither of us thought we made enough to keep us full for the night.

Chicken Gyros – (recipe from http://www.halfbakedharvest.com/saucy-chicken-gyros/) I love this recipe but it never makes enough and I always forget to double it. Which means I end up with a pint of left-over tzaziki sauce and nothing to put it on. This recipe makes use of the oven so it can get a bit overheated in the kitchen but I don’t see any reason you couldn’t grill the chicken just as easily. Add your favorite Greek toppings (I like cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and extra cucumbers but the hubs likes to add some red onion). You can also serve it with some Greek pasta (http://livelearnloveeat.com/2011/06/17/light-refreshing-summer-meals/) or a salad.

As I am currently a stay at home pet parent (at least until August 24th), I also made some chicken salad for lunch. I know what you are thinking. Chicken salad – it’s just mayo and some chicken. Usually that’s exactly the recipe I go for. This time I tried something a little different (http://life-in-the-lofthouse.com/chicken-salad-croissants/#more-2166) This recipe has purple grapes, green onions, celery, mayo, and sour cream. The sour cream made the chicken salad a lot less heavy and gave it a refreshing light taste. I liked mine on Carr’s Rosemary crackers.


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